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Azilee Hollenbeck, 8, reads a book Tuesday at the Lewiston Public Library during a scheduled Children’s Room appointment. Azilee’s friend Uku Turri, 3, and his mom, Karin, sit behind her, while Azilee’s mother, Sheri Withers Hollenbeck, browses…

Krista Lord prepares for her read-aloud virtual session at the Lewiston Public Library on Thursday. Lord adds some visual interest to her scene each week. This week it was a dinosaur, other weeks she decorates the backdrop with polka dots or displays…

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LPL Technical Services Staff Member Josh introduces best practices for evaluating online sources, sharing helpful tips on how to identify reliable information.

Sara Groves shows a seedling she found in her front yard to her Facebook live audience at Sherwood Forest in Auburn on Thursday. The Lewiston Public Library children’s librarian used the “show and tell” to demonstrate patience, the lesson she hoped…

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A place to visit while The Lewiston Public Library building is temporarily closed until further notice.

We invite you to access our digital resources and programs so you can continue to read, learn, grow, and stay connected. Staff are available by…
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